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The message given by Dr. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR to the soldiers at the meeting of Samata Sainik Dal on January 8, 1939

The extract of the speech of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar while addressing and short inspection of the soldiers of the Samata Sainik Dal at Kamgar Maidan, Parel dated 8th January 1939 and 20th July 1942.
1) A soldier of Samata Sainik Dal is a fearless warrior who is ready to fight with his head on his hands for social service.
2) He should fulfill his duty by keeping the bright principle of equality in his heart for humanity.
3) I am a human being, everyone should be treated humanely and the poisonous seeds of inequality should be eradicated from the society.
4) Looking at you, you should be famous in the world as an excellent example of a soldier.
5) Due to virtue, discipline and organization, our team should become steely.
6) There is a saying in us without keeping in mind pure behavior and equality. The situation should have arisen like “Tawa’s go bursa then he looks in the mirror”. Bursa loyal customs Alcohol addiction Superstitious mind destroys this tendency (the tawa is blackened and looks dirty but if it is cleaned properly it will surely be as clean as a mirror).
7) The word soldier is very important. It is a word that proves that you are not a marketer.
8) While doing your work, you should all keep in mind that you are in Phaltan.
9) It is important to keep in mind that we are soldiers while taking proper care of the huge crowd that gathers during the meeting.
10) There is a big difference between the action of the masses and the action of the market.
11) A soldier says that he is a disciplined person and he will not go against the orders of an officer by feeling wrong.
12) Only for the sake of discipline, fulfill your resolve to face all kinds of situations with courage, from now on, with this bright social service.

13) In his speech addressed to Samata Sainik Dal at Nagpur on 20th July 1942, Dr. Babasaheb’s comment on the principle of non-violence is different from non-violence and humility. Humility is weakness and imposing weakness on oneself is not a virtue e.g. There is a story of a Kekara in the Upanishads. They went to God and complained to him that God is the father of all animals and that all animals are brothers. But even so, why is it that every creature forgets all this brotherhood and eats or swallows me? Kekara asked God, God said you look so lean and luscious that I am also tempted to eat you. Like Kekara in this story, we have been in a very bad condition till today and that is why everyone was threatening to eat or swallow us. I am a believer in non-violence but kindness is her name.
13.1) Love and kindness towards all living beings
13.2) Destruction of wicked people This second part of the definition of non-violence is neglected and the principle of non-violence is ridiculous. Destroying the wicked is an important element of the principle of non-violence, without which non-violence is a turf. Two examples of the fact that imaginary pleasures do not exist as a jog principle.
A) Avoid hurting someone who is in need of your help. Help everyone who needs your help. But
B) Action against the perpetrator.

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  1. 1. The Samata Sainik Dal shall unite and organize the scheduled Caste youths under its banner.
  2.  The Samata Sainik Dal shall promote all social, cultural and other activities among the Scheduled Castes particularly among the youth so as to cultivate self-respect, self-reliance and a spirit of self-sacrifice in their minds.
  3.  The Samata Sainik Dal shall co-operate, with all such organizations and movements that help to further its aims and objects.

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