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Army of Soldiers for Equality Party of the Fighters for Equality

I, a member of the Indian (Scheduled Caste) Community, entering the ranks of the Samata Sainik Dal, do hereby take an Oath and solemnly swear to be an honorable, brave, disciplined and resolute fighter in the glorious cause of the emancipation of my class from all oppression, exploitation and slavery.
I shall ever be ready at the Command of the S S D to go forward for the defence of the just and human rights of the people of my class and community.
Should it be out of weakness, cowardice or evil design, I violate this oath and betray the interests of my people, I shall be ready to suffer the full measure of punishment at the hands of the Dal. 

A soldier of Samata Sainik Dal should be called as a fearless warrior who is always ready to fight against the evil practices and people. He should fulfil his duty by eying on the establishing principle of equality and humanity. For this, everyone will take an oath and will not accept any kind of caste discrimination. Mahar Mang Bhangi is not a discriminator of superiority. Everyone is a human being; everyone should be treated humanely and the poisonous seeds of inequality should be eradicated from the society. A soldier of SSD should be like such a personality, while looking at him, the entire world should respect him.Keep in mind that you should become the ideal soldier of the country by your every action. Looking at you, you should make a name for yourself in the world in terms of being an excellent example of a military force. A soldier must have a pure respectful behaviour and a feeling of equality that everyone will attract to become an SSD soldier. Just like an old saying in Marathi, “तव्याचा जाय बुरसा मग दिसे आरसा”, a dirty pan if clean properly then it can shine like a mirror. Similarly, if the situation has given rise to some undesirable practices in our society, if you are addicted to alcohol, if you are abusing your time and body by eating tobacco, you should become cautious at the right time and become a non-addict. In this way no one will accuse you in any way if you control the customs on all kinds of unfortunate occasions. No one will dare to suffer in any way. If you criticize yourself for working with such a bright goal, it will be like an elephant walking and a dog barking.
:- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar 

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