Vision & Mission

  1. Eliminate inequality: Eliminate inequality based on race, religion, caste, gender, class.
  2. Building a new society: Strive to build a new society on the basis of freedom, equality, brotherhood.
  3. Youth Organization: To instill self-respect, discipline, self-reliance and self-sacrifice in the youth.
  4. Department of Defense is not a volunteer: to provide military education to the youth and to protect the society on the occasion of Sambha Andolan.
  5. Samata Sainik Dal’s steel united.
  6. Protecting the movement and the leader to remain the protective shield of the movement.
  7. Protecting the Ambedkar family. (To protect the institutions created by Babasaheb.)
  8. To create an addiction free society.
  9. Prompt service in times of crisis.